A Little Story About P2P-Picks

The power of a hedge fund for your P2P portfolio.

What is P2P-Picks?

We are an independent credit modeling service provider for marketplace lending platforms worldwide.

Personal LendingClub Portfolio Returns 2014 – Q4

Periodically we share how our LendingClub portfolio is performing. As of 2014-Q4, we were earning 9.3% using our Profit Maximizer strategy.

P2P-Picks Responds to LendingClub Data Changea

LendingClub will deprecate 40+ credit variables from their application and historical data. Other minor changes will also take place on December 10th. P2P-Picks will send updated license files for all clients running LendGuardian before the change date. The credit model will be affected only in a minor way.


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