Types of Modern Locksmith Services

Locksmith offers a wide range of services that are related to unlocking and locking your car, house, or anything that has to deal with security and safety. Locksmith includes repairing, fixing, opening because of lockouts, and creating a key to a lock. Now, if you are planning to hire locksmith services for the first time, you should first know the type of modern locksmith services that they offer:

  1.    Residential locksmiths

Perhaps one of the most common services that they offer is a residential locksmith. Most of the homeowners are calling professional locksmiths in case they have lost their key and cannot access their house or cars. Domestic security services are what you should be looking for in order to solve the problem as soon as possible. They will most likely open the lock for you or create a new key if you don’t want it destroyed. However, this only works if we are talking about basic locks that include a lock and a key.

On the other hand, if you have a customized electronic lock, then you might want to ensure that you’re going to call a locksmith who is specifically trained in both commercial and domestic industry.

  1.    Key duplication locksmiths

It is also one of the most common services that you expect from a professional locksmith. Lost key problems are normal, especially if the key is too small to be seen around. Sometimes, children are the one to blame because of throwing keys around the house without you noticing it. Now, if you’re stuck out of your car, and you can’t get inside, you should consider calling a professional locksmith right away. They can create a duplicate of the key for you as soon as possible. They are expert when it comes to key cutting a car key. However, they would obtain the electronic code from the manufacturer first before they create the lock to follow the mechanisms.

  1.    Installation locksmiths

With the advancement of technology nowadays, locks are more secured yet complex. Installing the latest lock on your door isn’t that easy compared to few year’s time. Now, after the time and money you’ve invested in buying a high-security lock, it is important that you hire a locksmith who specializes in installing locks and setting up the security systems in your house as well.

  1.    Car locksmiths

This is somewhat similar to key duplication locksmiths, especially if you accidentally shut out your car while the keys are still inside. A car’s key cannot be replicated using the standard key-cutting machine. Hence, you need to hire a locksmith that specializes in the automotive industry. Some car models have complex car key design compared to others.

Now that you know the different kinds of locksmith services in modern days rest assured that you’ll be able to hire the right one that you are looking for. Different situations call for a different locksmith professional so make sure that you check their specialization first before you hire. Find out more about lock supplier singapore.


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